Equip Color Me Hammock, Medallion 564478932

Equip Color Me Hammock, Medallion 564478932

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Relax in style while you add a personal touch to your Equip Color Me Hammock. The Color Me Hammock allows you to apply your own color to a popular print. This Equip Travel Hammock ensures you will always have a comfortable spot to relax when you're on the go, camping, fishing or just in your own backyard. It packs conveniently in the integrated a bag for easy transportation and folds into a compact size. This hammock includes a hanging kit, which allows it to be set up in just minutes. The fabric is water-resistant to keep you safe and dry.

  • Hanging kit included 
  • Triple stitched at weight bearing points 
  • 400lb weight capacity 
  • Includes 5 fabric markers 
  • detailedDescription":"
    • Affordable, high quality single-person nylon camping hammock
    • Portable 9.6ft. x 4.9ft. nylon hammock
    • Our best one-person hammock, holds up to 400 pounds
    • Breathable and fast-drying hammock
    • Versatile with multiple designs
    • Hammock made with strong, durable nylon
    • Lightweight and portable hammock can be used anywhere and everywhere
    • Weighs just 1.36 pounds and folds into a compact and integrated stuff sack
    • Simple to set up with an included hammock hanging kit, no tools necessary
    • 5 fabric markers included 

    Spring is nearly here, and the best way to shake off those wintery blues is to grab yourself a fabulous new hammock from Equip. The Equip Color Me Hammock comes in a variety of vibrant designs and contains fabric markers, allowing you to stand out in the hammocking crowd. Take part in the hammocking revolution today without breaking the bank. This Equip hammock is made from high quality, durable nylon, offering strength and reliability at an affordable price. It’s easy to set up and with the included hanging kit, you can get started right away!

    Lightweight and portable, this Color Me Hammock is perfect for camping, hiking and hanging out with friends indoors or on the trail, or generally wherever you can set it up. All while you create a personalized, unique hammock. Hang this hammock in a tree…or in your apartment. Don’t waste money on a cheap hammock when quality is so accessible and affordable with the best two-person travel and camping hammock from Equip! Our hammock seams are triple stitched and hold up to 400lbs for industry standard longevity and durability. From the bedroom to the lake, Equip hammocks offer unequaled versatility, style, and comfort.

    Equip hammocks come with a hanging kit, allowing you to quickly hang your hammock wherever you are. This added convenience gets you hammocking quickly and safely. The Equip nylon hammock is breathable and fast-drying, providing extra comfort while relaxing with your friends. As with all Equip hammocks, the Color Me hammock is extremely portable, weighing only 1.5 pounds. However, there is a lot of strength packed into that lightweight package, as the Color Me hammock from Equip can safely hold up to 400 pounds.

    Many high-quality hammocks are expensive, which dissuades people from purchasing their first hammock. We solved this problem by creating a Color Me Hammock that is not only exciting to look at, but is made from sturdy materials, and a product you can make your own. Equip products are compact and versatile enough that camping is not the only place you can use your hammock. Hang one wherever your imagination sests and relax.

    Equip hammocks have unrivaled versatility and provide hours of fun with friends, or just some time alone with your thoughts. Grab your Equip Color Me Hammock today and get hung up on this vibrant lifestyle!

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    ***IMPORTANT: When hanging hammock, both ends must be level. Do not hang hammock over 18\" off of the ground. Use of hammock at heights higher than eighteen inches is not recommended.  Falling from eighteen inches or higher can cause injury.


    Maximum Weight:400 lbs

    Color:White Multicolor Black

    Manufacturer Part Number:96196

    Assembled Product Weight:1.4 lb

    Equip Color Me Hammock, Medallion 564478932