Streamlight Stylus LED Pen Light, Black 568268899

Streamlight Stylus LED Pen Light, Black 568268899

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The convenient Stylus (65018) pen light from Streamlight is a sleek light that uses three AAAA batteries and goes anywhere you need it. With 11 lumens of white light, it functions as a perfect inspection light for under the hood, in your purse, or at work. A little over 6 inches, it fits perfectly in your pocket and comes with a pocket clip. Features a momentary blink switch and constant "on". Factory service and repair in Pennsylvania.

The Streamlight Stylus is made of tempered aircraft aluminum with anodized finish with a non-slip knurled grip. It is Waterproof, individually serialized, has a momentary blink switch or constant \"on\", and a pocket clip. Runs up to 60 hours on 3 AAAA alkaline batteries.

Light the way with the Streamlight Stylus Flashlight. This flashlight is made with tempered aluminum for strength. The non-slip knurled grip lets you hold on without worrying that it will fall out of your hand, while the pocket clip lets you clip it on your belt or pants when you need to use both of your hands. This waterproof LED flashlight can go out in the rain and still work perfectly. The two lighting modes include a momentary blink switch and a constant \"on\" feature, so you'll have the right kind of light for each job. The sleek style of the Streamlight LED flashlight is small and slim, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. Keep one in the car or in your purse, so you'll always have light on hand for flat tires and other emergencies. With up to 60 hours of light, this stylus flashlight will be ready when you need it.

detailedDescription":"6.21 inch sleek pen sized light

Features:Stylus Black/White LED


Light Bulb Type:LED Light Bulbs



Battery Size:AAAA

Manufacturer Part Number:65018


Assembled Product Weight:0.097 lb

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H):8.50 x 3.01 x 0.44 Inches

Streamlight Stylus LED Pen Light, Black 568268899